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Holistic Dentistry and Oral Hygeine

Welcome to Mouth Matters

Mouth Matters supports the overall health of our patients from childhood to their advanced years. We provide science-based, holistic care including coordinating with your family doctor and other healthcare providers. From our use of microscope and DNA technology to understand the health of your mouth beyond what can be seen, to nutrition and home care products recommendations, to specialized care for patients with cardiovascular or diabetic conditions, you will experience a visit to Mouth Matters as a preventative healthcare visit. We look forward to seeing you soon.


New Patient Exam

This is a comprehensive exam which will help find information about your mouth.   We will be looking for any infections of the teeth and bone, which may require further imaging to identify the problem.

Saliva DNA Testing

Testing for infection in the mouth is as necessary as the lab tests you have at your doctor’s office. The swab samples from your gums, teeth and tongue are sent to Ora Vital’s oral microbiology lab for thorough analysis to identify the bacteria causing oral infections that affect the entire body.

Caring For Your Children

Mouth Matters uses the latest science to provide preventive, holistic care for your children. We do this in several ways:

  1. As part of our new patient exams, we use DNA technology to test our patients’ saliva for bacteria that causes cavities. Treating these bacteria can help prevent cavities in the future.

  2. We examine children’s adenoids and tonsils to ensure they are not the source of dental health concerns for your child.

  3. We design oral self-care programs to ensure your child gets the most from their brushing and home care products 

  4. We make sure that your children’s teeth are aligned in proportion for your child’s age and oral structure.

  5. Finally, we get to know your child and help them develop a proactive approach to their oral health that will serve them throughout their life.

What is Active Gum Therapy?

Active gum therapy is an individualized program designed to eliminate oral infection of the gums and root surfaces. The program consists of 3 important components. Step 1 is the Oral Wellness Program: this step in the program encompasses a nutrition assessment and lifestyle habit recommendations as well as oral aids to be used at home. Step 2 Mechanical Elimination and Detoxification: this step is the mechanical removal of harmful deposits on the teeth and root surfaces and antimicrobial agents and laser treatment to reduce the harmful bacteria. Step 3 Re-Evaluation: this step is done 6 weeks after treatment to review the results of the program and to ensure the arrest of the disease.

Why do Active Gum Therapy?

Gum disease is a chronic bacterial infection of the gums. Research indicates that gum disease may contribute to other systemic diseases including heart disease, diabetes, respiratory infections, premature births, and miscarriages. Active gum therapy reduces oral bacteria that can affect the heart, reducing the likelihood that it will enter the bloodstream and create possible clot formation. Active gum therapy also reduces the chances of gum disease becoming a 6th complication for diabetics, a higher risk for uncontrolled type II diabetics. For people suffering from dry mouth, active gum therapy reduces harmful bacteria levels in the mouth reducing the possibility soreness, ulcers, infection and cavities. In short, a healthy mouth contributes to a healthy body.

What do we hope to accomplish with active gum therapy?

  • Gums that do not bleed: “Healthy gums don’t bleed”

  • Fresher breath and taste

  • Gums that are not red, swollen, or tender

  • Reduced pocket depth

  • Control of gum disease

  • Elimination of harmful bacteria

  • Contributing to a healthy immune system

  • Arresting the inflammatory response in the body

What do we need from you to make this treatment a success?

  • Completion of the gum therapy program   

  • Thoroughly cleaning all tooth surfaces 2x a day for 2 minutes, flossing, use of recommended mouth rinses

  • Maintenance of regular re-care visits

  • Adoption of a healthy lifestyle, via nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management

Adult - $255.00

  • Intake of information medical/dental and patient interview                         

  • Lesion detection scan                                                                                                                    

  • Examination of teeth

  • Examination of gums

  • Microscope Assessment                                                                                                              

  • Intra oral Photos                                                                                                                             

  • Treatment Planning for teeth that may need care

  • Saliva DNA Testing                                                                                                                          

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