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Psychotherapy – talk therapy - is an interactive, collaborative process developed by the therapist and client. The client’s presenting concerns and treatment goals guide the course of therapy. Within sessions, the therapist uses proven techniques to aid the client with the task of gaining self-awareness.  Specifically, the therapy process is focused on helping the client become aware of how their perceptions, motives, feelings and interactions might contribute to their issues. With greater awareness of these aspects of ourselves, we can then begin to act and change our approach to our health, work, and relationship needs.

Areas of Service - I have worked with clients who have overcome emotional difficulties (depression and anxiety conditions), life stage adjustments, grief, trauma, work-related stress, vocation change, and relationship dysfunction - I offer couples’ therapy. I also have a specialty in Rehabilitation Psychology, providing services to clients challenged by health issues, physical injuries and chronic pain.

I offer 60-minute psychotherapy sessions. Contact me at 416-418-2293 to arrange an appointment.

We can also discuss fees. Although my services are not included under OHIP, my fees are covered by most insurers (ex., insurance companies providing extended health, disability, worker’s compensation, and accident benefits coverage).

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